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Enjoy your dog.
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Are you having fun with your dog?
Your dog should bring joy to your life. He should be a pleasure to you and to those around you. Is your relationship with your dog what it should be? You will learn how to train and manage your dog with an emphasis on positive training methods. Food rewards are used in the introductory phases of training. However, we will transition your dog to Real Life Rewards. Your dog will not require constant treats for maintaining basic skills. Our aim is for your dog to become a happy, willing training partner. 

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Services Available

 Consultations - One hour visit, usually in home, to address specific problems, or concerns, such as housetraining, aggression, shyness, new baby, etc. 

 Private Lessons - Covers basic good manners, including leash walking, sit and down stay, coming when called, and anything particular to your needs.

 Group Classes - see our selection, below. Watch for new additions!
 Beginning Obedience The basics for establishing good manners. Sit/stays, down/ stays, polite leash walking and Coming When called plus weekly topics on "At Home" problems: jumping on people, excessive barking, "stealing" things, door manners 
 Rally Obedience: Focus, Fun & Footwork Class - The newest dog sport. Great for intermediate level dogs, mixed breed or purebred. Earn a title or just have fun.
 Intermediate Obedience - Take your dog's training to the next level. Increased distractions and distance work, improve focus. Teach your dog hand signals, and learn new obedience commands. 
 Canine Good Citizen Classes - Have your dog earn his AKC CGC certificate and title. Mixed breeds eligible. Good for prospective Therapy Dogs.  
 Advanced CGC Class and Test - After achieving his AKC CGC certification, further strenghten your dogs good manners and socialization skills.
 Competition Obedience - Classes or private lessons available. AKC Obedience competition now open to mixed breeds.
 Good Dog Puppy Program  
  • Puppy Kindergarten A head start for your new puppy! A 4-week session. Dogs begin class between 9-14 weeks of age. Puppies start any time in the session. Safe for dogs who have not completed vaccinations. Must have seen veterinarian and have proof of vaccinations in progress. Ask about participating in our AKC STAR Puppy Program. 
  • Puppy - Tweens Class - For puppies 12 to 24 weeks of age at start of class session.  4 week class filling the needs for the slightly older puppy, or as part 2 of our Puppy Program. Polite Leash Walking, Coming When Called, Focus and Attention. Contact us to discuss best placement in our Puppy Program.
 K9 Nose Work - Great new activity for every type of dog. Let your dog learn scent detection. Limited interaction with other dogs - suitable for dog reactive dogs. 
 Drop-In Obedience - Contact Donna for information.

For more info about our class see Training Information and see Useful Links for information about Nose Work competition.

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 Upcoming Classes 

Beginning Obedience - May 1 & 3

Canine Good Citizen - May 8

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Puppy Classes

 Kindergarten begins April 5

Tweens begins April 3rd 
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Donna Soderstrom, CPDT, CNWI
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