Our Puppy Program

Our mission in the GOOD DOG PUPPY PROGRAM is to help owners raise puppies that will have good impulse control, can tolerate frustration, and can be calm and confident in any setting. To meet that goal, we have developed a two-tiered Puppy Program.

We participate in the AKC STAR PUPPY PROGRAM.See the AKC test elements and requirements.

Early intervention in Puppy Class can make all the difference!
~ Read Taya's Story, below ~

1) Puppy Kindergarten:

Age: 9 to 14 weeks when starting class

Location: 3232 Beckwith Ct (The barn at Beckwith Animal Hospital)

Day/Time: Wednesday, 7:30-8:20 pm

Focus: "Baby Dog" Concerns

Course length: 4-week program, puppies may enroll at any time

Primary Topics Covered:
  • Housetraining & Crate Use, Give, and Appropriate Play
  • Body Handling, Grooming, and Care, Preventing Resource Guarding
  • Mouthing, Chewing, and Digging. Introducing the Leash
  • Introducing Commands: Sit, Down, and Come

☆ The utmost care is taken for the health of our young puppies.

2) Puppy - Tweens Class:

Age: 12 to 22 weeks when starting class

Location: East side of Modesto

Day/Time: Monday, 7:00 - 7:50 pm

Focus: Older puppies (up to 7 months old)

Course length: 4-week program, starting the first Monday of each month

Primary topics covered:
  • What Is a Reward? Using Rewards Properly; Body Handling; Sit, Down & Come
  • Attention/Focus; Leave It; Fetch/Tug; Find It; Leadership; Collar Grabs
  • Impulse Control: “Wait”; Take Treats/Toys Politely; Crate Use; Backaway
  • Confidence Building Games; Motor Skill Development: Brain Games (to tire out pup!)

☆ This class may follow Puppy Kindergarten or be taken on its own.

Requirements (both classes)

  • Puppies must be in their new home for 7– 10 days.

  • Vaccinations must be started, and have been given by a veterinarian.

Proof of veterinary visit and vaccinations given by veterinarian
will be strictly enforced.


Contact Information:

Donna Soderstrom CPDT

  1001 Sycamore Ave.
  Modesto, CA 95350
  Phone: 209.765.2397
  Fax: 209.579.5449


Taya's Story

Hi Donna!

First of all thanks so much I love the puppy tween class! Taya has been doing so well! After you left I took her 2-3 different places every day to socialize her and it really made her come out of her shell! She is a little stand off ish in front of new stimuli but once she reads everything is ok she is super happy and playful. Also Sarah taught me a trick on how to entice her to new things and it has really helped!  Now she greets new people and new doggies happy not scared! I'm super proud of her!...

Haylee Allison

Donna Soderstrom, CPDT, CNWI

Dog Training